Our Team

Our CENTURY 21 Mejor Clima team is ready to help you and become your experience in Costa Rica in the best decision you ever made in a such important matter wish is invest in a foreign country. Our extensive experience in the real estate business, construction and development will assure that our crew has full of experience in every field related with our activity. But our main goal is making you feel as family member and fall in love with our beautiful and unique Costa Rica.

Mr. Fred Hayden

Mr. Hayden it’s a business administrator by profession and businessman by passion with a lot of experience who was born in Canada but 25 years ago he decided to move to Costa Rica and start he’s own living and business adventure in our country.

As director of projects and co-owner in our company Sister Constructora Hamco and real state Mr. Hayden can provide help and living experience to the foreigners who want to invest in real estate and move to Costa Rica.

Fred can also help you as a newcomers guiding you with the best location according with every need you will have to go trough to make your new life experience as good as his own experience of living in Costa Rica.

Rodolfo Jiménez

Born in San Ramon Alajuela Costa Rica, Surveyor Engineer Graduate from National University (UNA) this Costa Rican may help you founding your dream property in this beautiful country or selling it to the lucky new owner, who is looking for this dream. With a great experience in land value, he can help you from the offer to the end of the selling or buying a wonderful piece of this country.

Lady Jiménez

Lady Jiménez Business Administrator, Resident of Alajuela, 5 years of experience in Real Estate and interior decoration.

Mainor Arroyo Rivera

Mainor Arroyo Rivera, I am married with two children, I have a degree in education and have practiced the profession for 29 years, co-owner of Los Arroyos Tourist Center, as an educator and as an entrepreneur I always love challenges and seeing dreams grow and strengthen so that become reality.

I am Naranjeño and a Tico passionate about the beauties of our country and PURA VIDA, through real estate collaborating with many foreigners and nationals so that they can enjoy the charms of our Costa Rica and make their dreams come true.

Edson Zamora Blanco

Hi! mi name is Edson Zamora, I live in one of the most touristic places in Costa Rica: La Fortuna, San Carlos.

I'm graphic designer by profession, love the nature and wildlife. I also like the extreme sports, movies, technology and be updated with the news on social media.

I have lived in San Carlos area since I was born, so I know all the best property opportunities to buy for business, farming or living.

I will show you nice lands and houses for retiring with a perfect landscape view with the Arenal Volcano in the background, like if you were seeing a painting. The land of your dreams.

If you are interested in Tourism Development projects, contact me and I will give you great properties with rivers, waterfalls, exquisite wildlife, flora and fauna. So, it can become a place to build hotels, parks, rbnbs, rustic chalettes, hiking trails, naturalistic tours and more.

Tourists come to La Fortuna and Arenal Lake all year, so is a great opportunity to get income if you invest in La Fortuna area. So don't miss the chance to invest now.

I'm here waiting to help you and give you the highlights! Thank you so much!

Nico Mortier

Hi there!

I’m Nicolas Mortier but everybody calls me Nico.

I’m from Belgium but I decided to move to Costa Rica with my wife and my daughter in 2012.

We settled in Atenas, “the best climate in the world”!

It is definitely the ideal place to move in and to retire. It is also perfect for anyone who comes to Costa Rica and wishes to start or develop a new business because it is strategically located.

Close from the capital San José and the public administrations, close from Escazu, Santa Ana and Lindora (where you’ll find the nicest malls, the best restaurants, the car concessions) close from the central Pacific beaches.

I’d be very happy to assist you in finding the property you’re looking for and accomplish your dream of coming to live in Costa Rica to enjoy the Pura Vida lifestyle!

Nidia Barboza

My name is Nidia Barboza, I live in Grecia.

I moved to Grecia on December 2021 and I love it’s people, the city landscapes and the sunsets. 

I am a very happy and proactive person. I love meeting new people and working in customer service, I also enjoy visiting new places and discovering new cultures.

Usually I like to exercise, swim, read and listen to music. Costa Rica is amazing, I’ve had the opportunity to live and visit different countries, but this is my favorite place in the world. I am sure if you are looking for a good home, this is the best place you can find!

Cesar Jimenez

I am César Augusto, delighted to meet and guide you. I studied at the Technological Institute of Costa Rica, where I obtained a master's degree in business administration with an emphasis in marketing.

I have worked as a leader of commercial companies of mass consumption for more than 10 years, mainly in the categories of A&B food and beverages, gourmet profile, wines, liquors and cold cuts.

I was born and have lived in Athens all my life, I come from a 100% Athenian family of peasant and herdsman origins. I adore my beloved Athens and its surroundings, so it makes me very happy to help you find your new property and enjoy our beautiful place.

Christian Granados

Neighbor of Greece since 1987. Very knowledgeable about the area. Divorced with a beautiful 7-year-old daughter. Extensive experience in customer service and sales.

Business Administration and Teaching English are my two professions but I have always had a great passion for Real Estate.

I love seeing my clients satisfied with their investments in the country. It will be my pleasure to help you make one of the best decisions of your life.

Oscar Quiros

I am Oscar Quiros. Born and live in San Carlos, Alajuela, Costa Rica. Looking always for opportunities in real estate business, with a lot of experience in renting and selling properties.
It is going to be a pleasure to attend your real state needs and if you look some place really nice you are going to love San Carlos.


We strive to offer maximum customer satisfaction, we will work with you to find the perfect property with which you have been dreaming.

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