From the Central Valley, emigration flows in the 19th century to the West established, San Ramón, Palmares, Naranjo, Sarchí, Grecia and Atenas territories. The first settlers brought the coffee crop that has given life and progress to this western region.

Land of farmers who promoted the development of different industries over the years without ceasing to be agriculture one of the main economic activities in the area.

Why do we focus on the West? Why do we want you to live or invest in this area?

The West represents in general one of the areas of greatest development in Costa Rica in terms of real estate and business in general, which represents a guarantee that your investment will maintain its price and generate income in surplus value before a possible resale.

The western area represents a lifestyle different from what you know in large cities as it mixes modernity with many services available such as banks, educational centers, medical services, first world supermarkets and nightlife with country life with beautiful places and view to the valley and the mountain, as well as the sea in total harmony. The West is the gateway to the main holiday destinations and for which Costa Rica has become one of the most visited countries in Latin America.

Come to our eco office located in the city of Atenas so that you can live and understand a new way of life where you can know the wonders of our country breathing the air of the best climate in the world. We are waiting for you...


We strive to offer maximum customer satisfaction, we will work with you to find the perfect property with which you have been dreaming.

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