The best climate in the world...

Just 25 minutes away from the airport and 40 minutes from San Jose capital of Costa Rica is the city of Atenas. With a current population of 29 thousand habitants Atenas has since its founding as a canton in 1867 as one of the largest passes of merchandise to other countries by the famous route of the ox cart, thus establishing the first customs crossing the country.

According to studies by the world health organization and other organizations, Atenas is considered the best climate in the world for its constant climate changes generated by microclimates in constant activity which generates a purity in the air of 98%.

Now Atenas has a population of more than three thousand foreigners coming from the United States, Canada and Europe in its great majority who live permanently in the town.

Atenas was named one of the 5 best retirement destinations in the world.

We have in this beautiful piece of Costa Rica an ample properties possibility for you in a place recognized for peace, surrounded by nature and friendly people.

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Land of opportunities...

Located in the foothills of the central volcanic mountain range, is the beautiful city of Grecia, a small community of only 13 thousand habitants with great attractions for all tastes. This picturesque city is about 30 minutes north of the international airport and offers some of the most incredible scenery wherever you see it. Surrounded by mountains full of green and dense foliage, the landscapes in Grecia unfold through undulating fields. Grecia is currently known as one of the most commercially developed cities on the real estate issue, which is why it is very attractive to relocate your home due to the large number of existing private communities, as well as property with excellent conditions.

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Sanctuary of peace...

Located 40 minutes from the international airport and founded on March 9, 1886 the Naranjo town owes the origin of its name thanks to a group of expeditionary who, in 1838 by Don Judas Tadeo Corrales, found some "orange trees" in the middle of the unexplored forest at that time. Coffee land known for the quality of this worldwide extends over the western area with a population of 37,602 habitants with an average climate of 18 to 22 degrees centigrade Naranjo is a place full of diversity of nature. It is one of the access points to the northern part of the country, which is why it is surrounded by several national parks and biological reserves, which makes this magical place a place of rest and tranquility. Let us show you our options in this land full of places and mountains where you will find a sanctuary of peace that you can call home.

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Cradle of national crafts

This beautiful and colonial city is located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level in the Central Volcanic Cordillera on the eastern edge of the Central Valley just 45 minutes from Juan Santamaria International Airport and 46 kilometers from San Jose, national capital.

Sarchí is the craft center of Costa Rica. The city has more than 200 stores and small factories that function as family businesses to work with wood, some of these factories with more than 100 years of existence. The most popular items are the "carts" for oxen, painted entirely by hand in allusion to those traditionally transported coffee from the Central Valley to the port on the Pacific coast.

This small piece of sky makes our client fall in love with its great variety of ecosystems where you can live surrounded by rivers of pure water and mountains. Sarchí is a small lung of our country where we know you will be able to live unforgettable moments.

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Historic town...

Palmares is the second largest city in Alajuela, a province full of natural wonders and dazzling landscapes. Surrounded by lush hills and looking towards the Cordillera del Aguacate, Palmares is a city that 31,000 people between national and foreigners call their home and many calls it a place to visit. There is something for everyone here. Nature lovers will appreciate the beautiful views and open-air access in its open fields. Known for its mystical history where it is said that it was one of the largest artisanal gold mining sites in the 800s Palmares awaits you with a peaceful lifestyle. Come and meet, we have a lot to tell you.

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Where Heaven meets the sea...

In pre-Columbian times, the territory that currently corresponds to the San Ramón town was habited by natives of the so-called Huetar Kingdom of the West, which at the beginning of the conquest were the domain of the Garavito cacique (Indian chief).

It was declared a town in the province of Alajuela in 1856, just 50 minutes from the Juan Santamaria International Airport, with a climate that is most windy and abrasive due to the direct influence of the sea breeze. San Ramon is a beautiful town full of life and beautiful places. In this city it is the last one of the western zones and it is the transition between the central valley and the pacific coast of our same country that you will be able to find to such only 40 minutes.

Do you want to sit with your cup of coffee where the sky meets the sea? We can take you...

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